Monday, July 30, 2012

My primary intent as a filmmaker is to communicate my personal and social concerns, transforming them into a magical realm where anything becomes possible. Images, dialogues, silences, colors and movement join to create a visual equilibrium, speaking for themselves.

Within my cinematographic work, movement is a key element for narrative and visual development; achieving a frame in motion from the image.

Beyond an unorthodox narrative and aesthetic, my work focuses on experimenting new visual sensations through a conflict; reflecting a world of emotions that can be both very near reality and on the side of the nonexistent, creating a parallel universe in which the palpable and the desired become possible at the same time.

Throughout my career, I have discovered the need to incorporate into my images and script messages that promote social consciousness. As a humanist, I am passionate about the idea of being part of the change; it is for that reason that within my artistic production, I find it valid and valuable to present social issues, along with fictional stories, that the spectator can identify with as a human being, but that also present a new realm of sensations that we can be a part of as well.

My needs go beyond the simple act of creating. In order to create, you need motivations, convictions, feelings, urges. In order to create you must be. I am my creations; they are what dwells in me.


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